A historical reference of the 2016 schedule. All events were held at the Altamont Theater, except the Reception at Make Noise (Thursday) and the Group Dinner (Saturday).

June 9
6:30PM Reception at Make Noise

June 10
9AM Registration and Social Time
10AM History and Deconstruction
Dr. Lippold Haken
A chronological look at the development of the Continuum, from the first design goals to the current state of the art. Including design philosophies and the evolution that has occurred due to exposure to performers and new synthesis techniques.
11AM EaganMatrix I 
Edmund Eagan
Design philosophy, the reason for it’s existence, inspirations, why a matrix, what is a matrix, module by module descriptions, simple and complex patching examples, the reasons behind the percular formula construction, integration with MIDI and Max MSP.
12PM Lunch
1PM The Modular World at Make Noise
Tony Rolando
Make Noise is one of the premier makes of modular synthesis. Founder Tony Rolando will share with us what is happening in his world.
1:30PM Theremin Heritage
Rob Schwimmer
Rob will give us a look at one performers sonic journey, which led from piano to synthesizer to the Theremin, and eventually to the Continuum. Throw a Melodica into the middle of that!
2PM Playing Techniques I
Sally Sparks, Pallav Panda, Rob Schwimmer, Edmund Eagan
Panel discussion and open forum about playing techniques and how each person has developed their own style.
3PM Interfacing
Dr. Lippold Haken & Christophe Duquesne
A discussion about the pros and cons of an OLED or similar display on the Continuum, and the use of iPad / iPhone like interfaces, including the integration of LowPower Bluetooth.
4PM External Synths
Edmund Eagan, Mark Smart
A talk about what it’s like to use an external synthesizer controlled via the Continuum. Examples with Omnisphere. Pros and cons of integrating a multi dimensional controller into a keyswitch MIDI world. Mark Smart will give an overview of his creations for Reaktor.
8PM The ContinuuConcert
This special evening will be open to the public and feature master musicians hailing from Asheville to India. Featuring performances by Edmund Eagan, Rob Schwimmer, Pallav Pandya, Dr. Wayne Kirby, and more. [details]

June 11
 9:30AM iOS and the Continuum
Christophe Duquesne, Jesse Chappell
The state of iOS music apps best suited for Continuum control.  A comprehensive survey and demonstration of the apps that support voice-per-channel operation. Christophe developed the SpringSound app which includes the Continuum Remote functionality, and Jesse developed ThumbJam and DrumJam, which both support voice-per-channel operation.
 10:30AM Continuous Pitch-Space Instruments
Dr. Tom Rhea
A journey through time with the Hellertion, theremin, ondes Martenot, Trautonium, Moog Ribbon, Moog Trazor,  and of course now, the Haken Continuum.
 11:30AM EaganMatrix II
Edmund Eagan, Dr.Lippold Haken
Further adventures in the EaganMatrix
 12:30PM Lunch
 1:30PM Sound Dissection and Exploration
Edmund Eagan
A detailed look at a few EaganMatrix Presets, goals, inspirations, design choices and surface integration.
 2:15PM Tunings
Dr. Wayne Kirby
Discussion of the basic physics and mathematics (ratios) of tuning systems in a fairly non-technical way. Also, a brief overview of various western, non-western tuning systems as well as some experimental tuning systems, e.g., Partch, Carlos, and possibly include some of his tunings based on Phi, Pi, Periodic Table, Earth Harmonics, etc.
 3:00PM Playing Techniques II
Edmund Eagan
Panel discussion and open forum about playing techniques and how each person has developed their own style.

Group Dinner

Food, jams, performances at Sally’s with special guest Michelle Moog-Koussa of the Bob Moog Foundation.



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