Thursday – April 26th

17:30-20:30 – Check-In and Reception at IRCAM – (Gallerie IRCAM)

Friday – April 27th

10:00-10:15 am Welcome by ContinuuCon Hosts

10:15-11:15 am Lippold Haken – Introduction talk, with Edmund Eagan playing live sound examples in various parts of the talk

11:15-12:15 am Edmund Eagan– introduction to EaganMatrix

12:15-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-14:30 Eric Mouquet – Use of the Continuum in Deep Forest’s composition and performances

14:35-15:05 Wayne Kirby -Traditional classical performance techniques specifically related to the use of the Haken Continuum Fingerboard in the performance of excerpts from Paul Hindemith’s “7 Triostuecke für 3 Trautonien”

15:10-15:30 Cyril ColomModularsquare and feedback about having a Continuum in a music shop (“où essayer le Continuum à Paris”)

15:35-16:05 Christophe Duquesne – Designing a waveguide preset with the Eagan Matrix

16:10-16:40 – Benedict Slotte – Building a granular pitch shifting preset for the Haken Continuum — Processing human voice using 2 DSPs

16:45-17:15 IRCAM – use of IRCAM’s modal synthesis environment, Modalys, with the Continuum

17:30-18:30 Lippold Haken – What’s new in the Continuum’s world ?

19:30 ContinuuCon diner at Procope (13 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie-75006-Paris)
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Saturday – April 28th

 10:00-11:00 am Christophe Duquesne – Toward an acoustic Continuum

11:05-11:35 am Russell Hoffman – in-depth presentation of uCVC (Continuum controling Modular synth)

11:40-12:10 am Edmund Eagan– one Preset “taken apart” in detail, especially concerning performance mapping.

12:10-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-14:00 Daniel Grabois – (“Putting together a university research studio for EA music, in which the Continuum Fingerboard can co-exist with many other instruments and a computer nerve center, in a way that stimulates student interest”)

14:05-14:35 Jean Baptiste Favory – concrete music composition technics in his latest Continuum based album

14:40-15:10 Richard Kram – Eaganmatrix Presets as Templates for Enhanced Sonic Exploration

15:15-15:45 Benedict Slotte/ Edmund Eagan – Music notation for the Continuum

16:00-18:00- stage installation at Gaité Lyrique (free time for non performers)

18:30-21:00 ContinuuCon concert at Gaité Lyrique – Auditorium (3 bis rue Papin 75003 PARIS – 10 minute walk from IRCAM)
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Wayne Kirby, Sally Sparks, Edmund Eagan:  Hindemith piece  (initially written for Trautoniums)

Edmund Eagan:  Three short original pieces

François Astier (Nanisound), Christophe Duquesne : Musical Haikus for Continuum

Jean Baptiste : Listening of a recorded Continuum piece (Le  Passager)

António Machado : Trans=Port-C Voyage over time, traditions, familiar sounds

Benedict Slotte: Glacies (original piece)

Schedule subject to change without notice

Lippold Haken In-depth Interview

Darwin Grosse's fantastically deep interview of Lippold Haken, published on Synthtopia [here]

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Deep Forest


Eric Mouquet – Use of the Continuum in Deep Forest’s composition and performances