Pallav Pandya is among the pioneers of synthesizers’ tone makers in the Indian Style. He started his career as a singer, but got attracted to synthesizers at age 10. He started playing a Casio semi-professional keyboard, and shifted to Bollywood (Mumbai) after graduating.

Pallav dreamed of a fretless keyboard at an early age, as it was difficult to express “Gayaki” in keyboards.  He started exploring pitch bender and could use it easily up to +7 semitones (like a Sitar). He has studied Jazz from Mumbai-based American musician Dee Wood (Guitarist). Passionate for creating new sounds in synthesizers, he started creating new combinations for all his friends’ various keyboards. Today 90% of Indian sounds in any keyboard are from his brain.

Pallav became a demonstrator for Korg, Yamaha, and Roland. He is the advisor in the design of Yamaha i425 & PSR 950 (Indian samples). He has performed in 40+countries, was a group leader for Bollywood Legend Sonu Nigam & Keyboard player for Asha Bhosle. Songs played for Bollywood movies like “Rush” song Mumkin Nahi, film Hunter’s song Bachpan bhi tha, and many more. He has invented “RAGAMONY” an authentic combination of Indian Raga & Harmony.