Jesse Chappell

Jesse is a software developer currently specializing in music applications for mobile devices. Back in the the ’00s — in his free time outside of a signal processing software day job — he was a contributor to the open source DAW Ardour, and created several open source music applications including the live-looper SooperLooper and spectral processing effect FreqTweak.

When the iPhone came out, its novel multi-touch interface and accelerometer inspired him to create what was to become one of the early expressive iOS instrument apps, ThumbJam. After a few years he was able to quit his day job to focus exclusively on music software, and released DrumJam (a percussion app with Pete Lockett), and TonalEnergy Tuner (a multi-purpose tuner, metronome, tone-generator and analysis app).

While working on ThumbJam’s MIDI voice-per-channel compatibility with Jordan Rudess’ expressive grid-based app Geo Synthesizer, Jesse was introduced to the Haken Continuum. After first laying hands on it, he had to have one for himself. Lately, he has been tinkering with new synthesis software, and custom hardware to interface with the Continuum for control and LED visualization.