About the Haken Continuum

Designed by Dr. Lippold Haken and manufactured by Haken Audio, the Continuum Fingerboard is a musical instrument that allows unprecedented realtime performance control. With a greater pitch range than a traditional 88 note Midi keyboard, the Continuum offers realtime continuous control in three dimensions for every finger that is placed on the playing surface.

Included internally is a custom designed user programmable synthesizer, specifically programmed to take advantage of the subtle and dramatic expressive musical possibilities of the Continuum.

The Continuum is available in full-size (nearly 8 octaves) and half-size (nearly 4 octaves) versions.

About ContinuuCon

ContinuuCon 2016 took place June 9-11, 2016 in Asheville, NC. It was the first ever Haken Continuum conference. Here we will celebrated this uniquely expressive musical instrument with concerts, workshops, lectures and more.

About Asheville

Once home to musical luminaries such as Bela Bartok and Bob Moog, the natural beauty of the Asheville area combines with its deep heritage of surprisingly advanced musical thought to provide the perfect location for ContinuuCon. In addition to Bela and Bob, the Asheville area boasts many other examples of wide ranging musical culture. Jimmy Rogers, “The Father of Country Music” made his radio debut here, and in another “event first”, the “Mountain Dance & Folk Festival” started here in 1928 by Bascom Lamar Lunsford is said to be the first event ever labeled a “Folk Festival”. At the other end of the spectrum, John Cage and Merce Cunningham debuted works, and Cage staged his first “Happening” at nearby Black Mountain College.

Asheville has also made an over-sized mark on the electronic music technology scene as home to The Bob Moog Foundation & Moog Music, Make Noise and Paul Vo.


Lippold Haken In-depth Interview

Darwin Grosse's fantastically deep interview of Lippold Haken, published on Synthtopia [here]

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Artist Profile - Rob Schwimmer

Rob Schwimmer (Polygraph Lounge/ The NY Theremin Society) is a composer-pianist/keyboardist, thereminist, vocalist and Continuum player who has performed and recorded throughout the world. The New York Times praises Rob for his “Virtuosity, magic, and humor.” [more]